WODBEADS® Classic X Naturholz

WODBEADS® Classic X Naturholz


End The Frustration of Losing Count

There’s nothing more annoying than being in middle of your WOD and you realize you lost track of which round you were on. That’s where WODBEADS come in!

WODBEADS provide a point of focus in your workout. A tangible object that allows you to track your progress. As you complete each set or round, you simply slide a bead along the cord, so you can see at a glance how many you have done. Never lose count again!

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Military Inspired

Inspired by Ranger Beads used during land navigation to keep track of the distances covered on foot, these beads are designed to aid your fitness journey, where each milestone is also made up of many individual steps.

Made to Take a Beating

Each set is hand-made and customizable, with 16 different Paracord options to choose from. Designed to last, WODBEADS are made from super-durable paracord, which does not fray or degrade no matter how rough you treat it, and sturdy wooden beads that will not dent or scratch.

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Marine Blue, Moss, Black Carbon, Red Velvet


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